Sustainable Agriculture and Wellbeing

“Earth’s Sanctuary: Sustainable Agriculture for community wellbeing” is a unique project with a strong alignment with vision 2030. Our commitment to organic agronomy, farming and sustainability involves integrating eco-friendly technologies and practices into this community-based project in Florida. Our project includes the use of renewable energy sources, waste reduction strategies, and the promotion of environmentally […]


Flṓ | Empower Youth Empower Nations

Building Resilience: Lifestyle Medicine Training & Education ” Flṓ Empower Youth Empower Nations” focuses on the development and implementation of comprehensive health education programs, with a primary focus on building communities that are aware and educated about their health and wellbeing. This project aims at raising awareness about preventive health measures, healthy lifestyle choices, and effective […]


Aurora Sanctum | The Natural Retreat

Nestled in the serene embrace of nature, these series of retreats offer a rejuvenating sanctuary where individuals can immerse themselves in the soothing rhythms of the earth. Here, they heal their bodies from the damage caused by accumulated toxins, repair their liver, gut and kidneys to function at their optimal capacity, replenish their microbiome, and […]

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