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Word from The President

“While rich people seek health and wellness, poor and less fortunate ones seek survival. We all co-exist, each with his own problems, each with his own weaknesses. But, despite all the challenges and difficulties, we all aspire for a great life. It is everyone’s right to have to feel safe, be healthy and live in a welcoming environment.  

We believe in the power of the SIX. Our organization’s projects include EDUCATION, HEALTH AWARENESS campaigns, RESEARCH, POLICY MAKING, ENVIRONMENTAL projects and the ALLOCATION OF RESOURCES.

The American Preventive Health Organization exists to light up a candle of hope, for needy communities and families, in numerous sectors.

We want to offer a breath of hope for everyone seeking it. 

We want empower individuals by offering them what they lack, whether it is a fresh start, a new opportunity, a new skill, financial support, professional education and direction, or simply a healthy safe home.

We, at the American Preventive Health Organization, believe in the constructive role that education plays in any child and young adult’s life. It is a light of hope that has the capacity to make significant changes. 

We want to spread the health and wellness knowledge in every society & help advance the entire system by submitting our findings! We believe in diversity and the power of collaborative efforts to make more pronounced impacts. We will be operating from the USA for the USA, and other countries in need. We believe that one step at a time, we can make the world a better place for everyone.

Dr. Sandra El Hajj

Our Scope of Work in Florida

Our International Scope of Work