Dr. Sandra El Hajj

Founder & CEO - Miami, Florida
Dr. Sandra El Hajj is a passionate health professional specialized in preventive medicine, naturopathic medicine and Global Health. Dr. El Hajj has spent over a decade at the forefront of holistic healing. Her extensive international experience allowed her to develop a comprehensive understanding of global health dynamics. Throughout her career between the Gulf region and the USA, Dr. El Hajj has been a proactive force for change, blending her expertise in preventive medicine, naturopathy, epidemiology, environmental and occupational health, and global health. Notably, she played a pivotal role in crafting the first comprehensive Maternal and Infant Health Policy at the Ministry of Public Health in Beirut. As a visionary leader, Dr. El Hajj has continually sought to transcend boundaries in her pursuit of better global health outcomes. Her role as a professor of integrative medicine and chairperson of the Faculty of Allied Health at Everglades University underscores her dedication to education and the advancement of holistic healing practices. Recognized on the global stage, Dr. El Hajj’s accomplishments speak volumes, as she was nominated in 2021, in New York as one of the world’s most accomplished individuals for that year. Her relentless passion for studying populations, analyzing health status, and identifying existing gaps has fueled her involvement in finding holistic solutions at community levels. Dr. El Hajj’s unwavering commitment to health and wellness has positioned her as a true pioneer in the field, embodying the interconnected nature of human health and the environment. Her forthcoming endeavors are set to further solidify her impact on global health practices, policies, and reforms.

Dr. Hilda Chacar

Pediatrics and Youth Health -Beirut, Lebanon
Dr. Hilda Chacar is a distinguished figure in the field of pediatrics, recognized as a leading pioneer in her field. Her educational journey, spanning between Lebanon and Paris, has equipped her with a rich and diverse perspective. Currently, she holds the esteemed position of a professor at the University of Balamand, following a long and impactful teaching career at the USJ. During her tenure as the Chairperson at St. George Hospital Pediatric Department, Dr. Chacar made significant contributions to the well-being of thousands of children. Her work extends beyond traditional pediatrics, as she actively engages in adolescent health, with a particular focus on Preventive Pediatrics. Notably, she has authored over 30 publications covering topics such as Immunization of Premature & low birthweight babies, Safety of vaccines, and the critical issue of growth and obesity in Lebanese adolescents. Dr. Chacar’s influence in the field of pediatrics reaches far and wide, with active involvement in international initiatives across all seven continents. Her upcoming leadership role as the head of the department of Pediatrics and Youth Health promises to further advance her impactful contributions to the field, ensuring that her expertise continues to benefit the well-being of children and adolescents globally.

Dr. Gilles Amr

Holistic Cardiology- Paris, France.
Dr. Gilles Amr, a passionate advocate for a more natural and holistic approach to healthcare, has dedicated his career to challenging the conventional Western healthcare system. Over the years, he has witnessed the devastating effects of this system on the actual health of patients and has sought to introduce a more holistic approach to well-being and care. His approach is built on simple yet powerful pillars that integrate common sense preventions and principles. These include a focus on the quality and quantity of the food we consume, the significance of movement in our daily lives, as well as the incredible impact of love, joy, human contact, a sense of belonging, and shared goals on overall well-being. Dr. Amr firmly believes that a significant number of chronic illnesses can be naturally cured without the use of chemicals. By emphasizing natural healing, individuals can improve their mental and physical energies, allowing the body to expend less effort on purification and instead concentrate on self-healing. According to Dr. Amr, the key lies in relearning the natural ways that have been obscured by modern society. Through his work and advocacy, Dr. Gilles Amr works on helping individuals embrace a more natural and holistic approach to cardiovascular health.

Dr. Jade Khalife

Health Policy and Development -Belgium
Dr. Jade Khalife has a background in medicine, health policy and management, and epidemiology. His work experience includes being involved in the field of health systems for 14 years, primarily in Lebanon, and with international experience in other countries of the Eastern Mediterranean Region. His past engagements have included multi-year projects funded by organizations such as the Wellcome Trust, the World Bank, Bloomberg Philanthropies, WHO, and other UN agencies. A significant portion of Jade’s career was devoted to health system reforms at the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) in Lebanon, where he spearheaded key initiatives. He led the development of a national system for assessing hospital performance, which was used to determine reimbursement tiers for about 140 hospitals in each of 2014 and 2019. He has also been involved in various primary care projects, and in civil society organization leadership and public health advocacy since 2001.

Martha Eaton, Command Master Chief Petty Officer, USN Retired

Program Development & Psychology - Miami, Florida
Martha Eaton was raised on the Northern California coast where she attended Humboldt State University with follow on Emergency Medicine and Nursing education through the United States Airforce and United States Navy. She attained a bachelor’s degree in psychology and communications from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Colorado in 1993 and a Master of Public Health, Everglades University of Miami, Florida in 2021. Martha served students, staff, and faculty attending Colorado higher education systems as the Assistant Director for the Health Center at Auraria, over two decades. She retired from 31 years military service at the rank of Master Chief Petty Officer in 2015. Highlights of her career include leading development and implementation of mandatory prematriculation immunization programs for colleges and universities in Colorado; research coordinating medical humanitarian missions to West Africa; patient administration to DOD and joint country personnel in Kuwait, leadership to medical personnel to deliver care throughout the United States, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Germany, South Korea, and via the USNS Mercy. Her field experience and valuable insight impacted the development of military policy on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”, Exceptional Family Member Programs, and “Strategic Medical Planning 2020”.

Dr. Yonna Sakr

Nutritional Sciences - Kaslik, Lebanon.
Dr. Yonna Sacre is a dedicated scientist and researcher with over 20 years of experience in nutritional sciences and health, having pursued her education in both Beirut and Berlin. Her commitment to bridging theory and practice is evident in all her projects related to Nutrition, Food Safety, and public health. As the Head of the Nutrition and Food Sciences department at the Holy Spirit University of Kaslik, she imparts her knowledge to students. Dr. Sacre is a founding member of the first Lebanese Order of Dietitians and the Lebanese National Nutrition Exam Committee. She is actively engaged in numerous national and international research projects focused on nutrition and public health, aiding various demographics in improving their dietary habits, and serves as a reviewer for several scientific journals.

Eng. Jad Dandache

Agriculture and Capacity Building- Beirut, Lebanon
Graduated from the American University of Beirut, Engineer Jad holds a masters in agricultural economics. With more than 15 years of experience in the NGO world, Jad has been a trusted agricultural consultant who has contributed to the society in various areas including research, training, smallholder and rural development, project planning and management, incentive design, nonmarket valuation, and environmental policy. He also contributed to the understanding of commodity market fundamentals, market structures and trade development as well as technical change and human capital.  His work has been instrumental in optimizing the decisions made by agricultural producers and promoting sustainable agricultural practices. As an entrepreneur himself, Jad owns and manages limestone mine and marble factory which has developed and sharpened his managerial skills also mastering the art of communication, marketing and sales.

Eng. Bashar Berro

Agronomy & Agricultural Engineering- Bekaa, Lebanon
Engineer Bashar Berro, hailing from a long line of agriculturists, embodies a rich familial tradition deeply rooted in farming. He has seamlessly transitioned into the role of a Value Chain Development Manager, amassing over 15 years of invaluable experience in the field. His academic journey culminated pursuing a degree in Agriculture Engineering from the American University of Beirut. Notably, he holds the position of Lead Auditor Global GAP and is certified in ISO 9001, 14001, 22000, 50001, and HACCP. Throughout his career, he has made significant contributions within multinational and international organizations such as Chemonics, DAI, USAID funded activities, UN FAO, UN ESCWA, CBI Netherlands, and ICON Institute Germany, among others. His multifaceted roles include serving as Managing Director, International Expert, Value Chain Development Expert, and Advisor, showcasing his diverse and impactful contributions to the field.

Dr. Elie Barbour

Agriculture, Food Safety and Zoonotic Diseases -Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. Elie Barbour is a world renown scientist and researcher and a pioneer in the world of epidemic infectious diseases. With more than 185 referenced articles as well as international and American patents, he is a former professor at the American University of Beirut. He was a part of the scientific committee that handled both the coronavirus and Ebola virus in the Gulf and Africa. Few years ago, Dr. Barbour moved to Atlanta spreading his work over more than 18 countries worldwide. Now he is the Director of R and D department at Opticon, Switzerland; and, an Adjunct Prof. as well as an advisor at the Ministry of Education, in KSA. Finally, Dr. Barbour is a consultant to the Poultry Sector in 18 countries related to Zoonoses and Food Safety. He will be the director of food safety, agriculture and zoonotic diseases at our organization.

Dr. Fouad Medlej

Pediatrics Research and Development- Kansas, USA
Dr. Fouad Medlej is a dedicated pediatric hospitalist with board certification, bringing his expertise to practice since 2012. His journey began with medical training at the esteemed American University of Beirut, followed by joining the pediatric residency program at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center in Saint Louis, a renowned free-standing tertiary care center. Dr. Medlej’s meticulous and compassionate nature drives him to assist infants, children, and parents in need, reflecting his unwavering commitment to pediatric care, a dedication that has been evident even before his relocation to the USA in 2009. Throughout his career, Dr. Medlej has actively engaged in various pediatric research endeavors, focusing on areas such as injury prevention, vaccination, and immune system function. His multifaceted approach to pediatric medicine demonstrates his comprehensive dedication to the well-being of young patients and their families.

Dr. Harish Shownkeen

Neurosurgery & Holistic Health- New York, USA
Dr. Harish Shownkeen is a highly accomplished physician with extensive expertise in radiology and neuroradiology.  Dr. Shownkeen has played pivotal roles in establishing neurointerventional programs and stroke centers at various hospitals, leading to significant advancements in stroke care. He is actively involved in research, clinical trials, and educational initiatives, contributing significantly to the field. Currently serving as Medical Director of Comprehensive Stroke Centers and Neurovascular Programs, he continues to make impactful contributions to Northwestern Medicine’s health system. Outside of his professional endeavors, Dr. Shownkeen enjoys activities like tai chi, yoga, and traveling.

Eng. Elio Almaguer

Agronomist Engineer -Miami, Florida
Elio Almaguer is a agricultural agronomist who participated in regional research on the impact of climate change on tropical crops and livestock. He gained experience in the implementation of biological pest and disease control systems, promoting the protection of ecosystems. Elio developed knowledge in environmental protection and integrated logistics management, as well as response management to climate and environmental disasters, involving extensive development of investigative skills inside and outside the laboratory. His master’s degree was designed around the three pillars of sustainability (economy, society, and environment). In addition to examining the impact of business and society on the environment, the master’s degree in sustainability has provided Elio with the resources to make positive changes in business, public health, environmental justice, and more.

Dr. Janvier Gasana

Environmental and Occupational Medicine - Miami, Florida
Dr. Janvier Gasana is an esteemed capacity building expert who has played a pivotal role in establishing new schools of public health, as well as departments of environmental and occupational (EO) health and EO Medicine in various countries including Rwanda, the USA, Kuwait, and soon in the Caribbean Region (Haiti) and Africa. As the Scientific Director of the AITR-GHL (African Institute for Training & Research-Georges Henri Levesque), his expertise is invaluable. Dr. Gasana will take on the role of director of environmental and occupational medicine within our organization.

Yusayme Pulido

Holistic Health & Finance- Miami, USA
Yusaymi Pulido’s decision to transition from accounting to holistic health was influenced by her enduring passion for healthy living. Over the years, she had developed a deep interest in alternative medicine and holistic approaches to well-being. This led her to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Alternative Medicine in 2023, marking a significant shift from her previous career path. Her dedication to this field reflects her commitment to promoting wellness and a balanced lifestyle.

Dr. Wael Karameh

Mental Health and Psychiatry- Beirut, Lebanon.
Dr. Wael Karameh is one of the leading doctors in UAE. Having more than 13 years of experience in family medicine, psychiatry, endocrinology and geriatric medicine in UAE, he moved to Canada and completed his fellowship in geriatric psychiatry medicine. Dr. Karameh participated in numerous medical congresses worldwide and has been researching about mental health for the past ten years. He is a highly reputable poet and writer who published Arabic poetry. Dr. Karameh will be directing the mental health and psychiatry team for both national and international projects. He will also lead young aspiring professionals, helping them form a bridge between art and the field of medical science.

Dr. Mhammad Miqdady

Pediatrics & Gastroenterology- Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dr. Mhammad Miqdady holds American Board certification in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology, and Nutrition. He currently serves as the Division Chief of the Pediatric GI, Hepatology & Nutrition Division at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in the UAE, and also holds the role of Adjunct Staff at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio, USA. His dedication to improving the quality of life for children and parents in the UAE is evident in his work. Dr. Miqdady’s primary research interests encompass feeding difficulties, picky eating, obesity, procedural sedation, allergic GI disorders, and celiac disease. His expertise will be instrumental in addressing the specific pediatric needs and gaps in the UAE, while also contributing as a valuable consultant for international research endeavors.

Dr. Michel Eid

Judge & Social Activist- Paris, France
Dr. Eid graduated with a doctorate of sociology in Law. He is a reputable regional public relations activist and a specialist in personal status cases. He is a judge and focused on international arbitration. Dr. Eid is a founding member of the international arbitration center in the Beirut bar association.

Dr. Brian Kunkle

Environmental Health Specialist & Epidemiologist- Miami, Florida
Dr. Brian Kunkle is a specialist in Environmental Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics.

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