Dr. Sandra El Hajj

Founder & President - Miami, Florida
Dr. Sandra is a health professional specialized in Preventive Global Health from the United States of America. She completed her degrees at the American university of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon, and two leading universities in the State of Florida: FIU and NSU. Her long years of studies and her eagerness to knowledge and research helped her create her own miniature world of knowledge linking together the healthcare field with Epidemiology, Research, Statistics, Food Technology, Environmental & Occupational Health, Preventive Health and most importantly Global Health. Dr. Sandra made sure to incorporate interdisciplinary and multicultural approaches in her work. With an accumulated work experience of 14 years between Lebanon, Miami, Sydney, London and the Gulf, she doesn’t believe in boundaries. Dr. Sandra established “Live Healthy and Well” in 2011; a group of Health Reform Activities including a Preventive Health Awareness in the MENA region. She developed the first comprehensive Maternal and Infant Health Policy at the Ministry of Public Health in Beirut, published 3 health books, conducted regional conferences and became a Health and Wellness spokesperson. Her plans for the years to come go beyond what she has accomplished up until now. By establishing the American Preventive Health Org, she believes in the powerful impact this organization can exert on populations. She is also about to publish 3 new health/medical books. Dr. Sandra is passionate about studying populations, analyzing their health status & existing gaps preventing them from living a healthy safe life, and developing reforms and health policies that will help them accordingly. She is active in many researches related to maternal and infant health, prevention, gut health, cardiovascular health, as well as environmental and occupational medicine.

Dr. Hilda Chacar

Director of Pediatrics -Beirut, Lebanon
Dr. Hilda Chacar is one of the leading pioneers in the world of pediatrics. Having finished her education between Lebanon and Paris, Dr. Chacar is assuming her role as a professor at the University of Balamand after a long teaching career at the USJ. She served as the Chairperson at St. George Hospital Pediatric Department where she helped thousands of children. Dr. Chacar is also involved in adolescents health, she is particularly interested in the Preventive Pediatric Field and has over 30 publications in Immunization of Premature & low birthweight babies, Safety of vaccines, as well as growth and obesity in Lebanese adolescents. Dr. Chacar has been very active internationally in all seven continents. She will be directing the department of Pediatrics and Youth Health at this organization.

Dr. Elie Barbour

Director of Agriculture, Food Safety and Zoonotic Diseases -Atlanta, Georgia
Dr. Elie Barbour is a world renown scientist and researcher and a pioneer in the world of epidemic infectious diseases. With more than 185 referenced articles as well as international and American patents, he is a former professor at the American University of Beirut. He was a part of the scientific committee that handled both the coronavirus and Ebola virus in the Gulf and Africa. Few years ago, Dr. Barbour moved to Atlanta spreading his work over more than 18 countries worldwide. Now he is the Director of R and D department at Opticon, Switzerland; and, an Adjunct Prof. as well as an advisor at the Ministry of Education, in KSA. Finally, Dr. Barbour is a consultant to the Poultry Sector in 18 countries related to Zoonoses and Food Safety. He will be the director of food safety, agriculture and zoonotic diseases at our organization.

Dr. Janvier Gasana

Director of Environmental and Occupational Medicine - Kuwait City, Kuwait
Janvier is a capacity building expert for having been instrumental in establishing new schools of public health and/or departments of environmental & occupational (EO) health & EO Medicine in Rwanda, USA, Kuwait, and soon in the Caribbean Region (Haiti), & Africa. He is the Scientific Director of the AITR-GHL (African Institute for Training & Research-Georges Henri Levesque). Dr. Gasana will be the director of the environmental and occupational medicine in our organization.

Dr. Wael Karameh Karameh

Director of Mental Health and Psychiatry - Ottawa, Canada.
Wael is one of the leading doctors in UAE. Having more than 13 years of experience in family medicine, psychiatry, endocrinology and geriatric medicine in UAE, he moved to Canada and completed his fellowship in geriatric psychiatry medicine. Dr. Karameh participated in numerous medical congresses worldwide and has been researching about mental health for the past ten years. He is a highly reputable poet and writer who published Arabic poetry. Dr. Karameh will be directing the mental health and psychiatry team for both national and international projects. He will also lead young aspiring professionals, helping them form a bridge between art and the field of medical science.

Dr. Mhammad Miqdady

Pediatrics Consultant and International Liaison - Abu Dhabi, UAE
Dr. Miqdady is American Board certified in Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition. He is the Division Chief, Ped. GI, Hepatology & Nutrition Division at Sheikh Khalifa Medical City in UAE. Also an Adjunct Staff at Cleveland Clinic, Ohio USA. Dr. Miqdady has proved his passion towards helping kids and parents of the UAE improving their quality of life and taking the wisest decisions. Main research interests include feeding difficulties, picky eating, obesity, procedural sedation, allergic GI disorders and celiac disease. Dr. Miqdady will be overlooking the pediatrics needs and gaps of the UAE specifically and a valuable consultant for our international researches.

Dr. Fouad Medlej

Pediatrics Research and Development - Kansas, USA
Dr Fouad Antoine Medlej is a board certified pediatric hospitalist who has been in practice since 2012. He completed medical school training at the prestigious American University of Beirut. He then moved to Saint Louis where he joined the pediatric residency program at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Medical Center, a free standing tertiary care center. He is a detail-oriented professional with a great heart who never misses an opportunity to help out babies, children and parents in need. Even before his move to the USA in 2009, pediatrics was his number one priority in life. Dr. Medlej has been active in many types of pediatrics research such as injury prevention, vaccination, and immune system function.

Mr. Elias Aractingi

Fund Planning and Finance Expert - Miami, Florida
Elias is a pioneer in the world of innovation and finance. He completed his education at the American University of Beirut and Colombia Business School in New York. He excelled in his management positions at a regional levels. Elias was responsible for retail banking, including the management of 77 branches, liability product management, strategic planning and organization, customer advocacy and digital initiatives. Through his accrues long years of work, he has put in place and begun the implementation of a roadmap to increase our digital footprint, with results-to-date extremely impressive. Elias will be pouring his expertize in budget management and project development.

Dr. Michael Popejoy

Director of Grant & Research - Orlando, Florida
Dr. Michael W. Popejoy is specialized in public administration as well as community health and Health Administration. He has served as professor,  department chair, institute director and president in many reputable organizations within Florida and other states. He is Assistant Editor and Book Review Editor for the White House Studies, and is a frequent contributor to Public Health (UK) and Perspectives in Public Health (UK). He is currently involved in numerous projects to help populations improve their lifestyles in Florida and surrounding states. Dr. Popejoy has been active in all aspects of public health and awareness for so long. Dr. Popejoy will be the Grant Director of the organization and will be a key role player in the Research and Publication Department.

Dr. Michel Eid

Judge & Social Activist - Paris, France
Dr. Eid graduated with a doctorate of sociology in Law. He is a reputable regional public relations activist and a specialist in personal status cases. He is a judge and focused on international arbitration. Dr. Eid is a founding member of the international arbitration center in the Beirut bar association.

Monzer Abdel Samad

Development & Public Relations Manager -MENA (Dubai, UAE)
Graduated from the American University of Beirut, Monzer holds an MBA and an intensive career in the world of business development, leadership and public relations. Having been the regional director of several multinational and regional companies, he proved his high skills in the MENA region as well as his passion to direct organization into success. Monzer has been looking for an opportunity to use his skills in order to help people in need. He will be bridging our organization with key role players and donors in the Gulf region as well as managing our Dubai projects

Dr. Brian Kunkle

Environmental Health Specialist & Epidemiologist - Miami, Florida
Dr. Brian Kunkle is a specialist in Environmental Health, Epidemiology and Biostatistics.