COVID-19: Clarification about a Claimed False Treatment.

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It had come to my attention numerous voice messages and audio files claiming to have information about a treatment for coronavirus. These are neither accurate nor scientifically proven.

I would like to ask people to stop listening to these false audios and only trust the medical opinion of their medical care giver. One of the audio that caught my attention was about explaining how taking a cortisone injection, anti-inflammatory pills and cough medications as an effective treatment against the coronavirus.

As you all know by now, this strand of coronavirus is new and scientists are still trying to understand it and discover a possible way to treat it.

What is sure as of now, is that every patient has to be isolated not to spread the virus to others. Second, the symptoms will have to be managed through a proper nutrition including drinking enough water, warm herbal infusions, juices, having fruits that are well washed and sanitized; and, through taking a fever-reducing medication like Panadol which is proven to be better than Ibuprofen for moderate to mild cases of fever and pains. As to manage more advanced stages of this virus, an antiviral medication may be effective, as some studies are showing. However, these medications still need to be tested further through more research and experimentations.

COVID-19 is a new virus to humans and our immune system does not recognize it well. The virus surprised the medical world when it hit with all its speed and infectivity. It became a pandemic that is affecting nations economies and increasing rates of mortality in populations that did not take precautions.

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